Silent Longing

Hiljaa Toivotut

Silent Longing is a story about two childless couples who use infertility treatments to have a biological child of their own.

Silent Longing (Hiljaa Toivotut)The film shows an emotional journey of man and woman through endless infertility treatments where life is divided between home and clinic and the woman's hormones control the man's life also. Uncertainty about the future and infertility treatments with their side effects challenge the relationship. It is difficult to approach other people on the subject. The idea of one's own child turns into a silent longing with no certainty of fulfillment.

Silent Longing tells how involuntary childlessness can hurt deeply. Childlessness forces the characters to make difficult decisions and think about their lives, it`s meaningfulness and future - with or without a child. Childlessness remains with them even after their child is born as nothing can erase their experiences of infertility. It also forces them to confront the thoughtlessness of other people and life in a child centered society.

Director Timo Haanpää

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