Holy Father

Isä Meidän

- "I want to drink all the time", says 55-year-old Markku, an alcoholic from Kemijärvi. Holy Father documentary film is a fragile depiction of an alcoholic’s family life, the relationship between father and daughter. In her debut documentary film Director Anne Laurila has documented the ups and downs of her father’s life for nearly two years. Constant drinking and imprisonment for drunk driving have complicated family members’ lives leading Markku to move under her daughter’s roof. Renovating Anne’s house and time spent together with her give meaning to Markku’s sober days, however, conflicts are not avoided.

Holy Father documentary film shows respect to a sore issue; it shows how an alcoholic has still got human value in Lapland. Documentary film gives also hope – after all those empty promises love and life conquer, even if it is just for one moment.

Director: Anne Laurila

More info: http://www.vaskifilmi.fi/isameidan/